What is Contour Proximity Search?

Use Infor CRM Contour to view contacts or accounts geographically. You can view contacts and accounts in a specific city or determine nearby contacts or accounts when you are meeting a contact or in a particular city in order to plan sales meetings. You can even get driving routes for a group of contacts or accounts in the same area.

You must allow pop-ups before you can view a Contour map.

Places are locations that can be added to a proximity search as a start or end point, for example a hotel or airport, or a stop, for example a favorite restaurant. Places may unshared or shared. Unshared places are places that are only available to the user who created it. Shared places are places that are available to all Infor CRM users.

The Geocode Addresses job updates contact, account, and user addresses with geocode information to be used by the configured geocode provider.

Your security access determines what functions are available. Contact your administrator for any access rights changes. WebViewer users may not access full functionality.

How Do I?

Show one or more contacts or accounts on a map

Show other accounts near

Show other contacts near a contact

Perform search

Perform a contact search

Add a place

Edit a place

Delete a place

Share a place



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