Managing Duplicate Records

When importing leads, you can look for other leads or contacts that exist in the database. If a record exists in the database with the same information, you can avoid having duplicate records.

Infor CRM can only search for duplicate records that you have permission to view. A duplicate record that you are not able to access may still exist.

To search for matching records

  1. When importing leads, after mapping fields, click Next.
  2. Select Check for duplicate leads.
  3. Next to Type, select which types of records to search.
  4. Under Match Filters, select the filter check boxes that you want to apply.
  5. The available options depend on the values you selected when mapping fields.
  6. To perform an Advanced Search click Advanced Match Options.
  7. To automatically merge duplicate records during the import, select Auto-merge duplicate records.
  8. In the Conflicts box, select one of the following:
    • Existing record wins - When records are merged, the existing record information is used.
    • Imported record wins - When records are merged, the imported record information replaces the existing record information.

    See the Rules for Automatically Merging Records During Import topic for more information.

  9. Click Run the Test to run the Find Duplicates Test on the first 100 records in the import.
  10. If you want to check for duplicate records within the import source file, select the Check for duplicates contained within the import source file option.

    Selecting this option may increase the time it takes to complete the import.

  11. Click Next to go to the next step.
    Duplicate records found and not merged display on the Import History Detail view Duplicates tab after the import is complete. From there you can manage the duplicate records.

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