Using the Import History Detail View

Use the Import History Detail view to see detailed information about a lead import or record import.

How Do I?

Information Boxes

The information boxes contain the primary information about the import.

  • Import Number - Unique number that identifies the import.
  • Description - Name of the list that was imported.
  • Total records - Number of records that were in the import list.
  • Total records processed - Number of records that have been processed. If an import is still processing, this shows how many of the records have been processed.
  • Total records imported - Number of records that were imported.
  • Total errors - Number of records that were not imported due to errors.
  • Total warnings - Number of warnings that occurred during the import.
  • Total duplicates - Number of duplicates in the import.
  • Total auto merged - Number of records that were merged during the import.
  • Started By - User who started the import.
  • Status - Status of the import. For example, Completed.
  • Start Date - Date the import was started.
  • Complete Date - Date the import was completed.
  • Import Template - Template used during the import.

Detail View Tabs

Each tab shows specific information you can use for import related activities. Click a link to see more information about each tab.

Duplicates * History

*This tab is only available for lead imports

user defined section

You can drag and drop tabs into the user defined middle section. The tab will remain there until it is moved back to the lower section.




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