Using the Back Office Detail View

Infor CRM Back Office Extension only. Use the Detail view to see information for a selected record. The Detail view consists of information boxes, tabs, and a user-defined middle section. A back office is an integrated external application that manages your financial, manufacturing, or distribution processes.

The system administrator and users with the appropriate role can access these features.

How Do I?

Add or clone a back office

Use the Lookup to search for records

View a group

information boxes

The information boxes contain the primary information about the back office. Some information can be edited, however other information cannot be added after the back office is created or is for display only. This information must be added or edited in the integrated application. For specific questions please refer to the documentation for the integrated application or contact your administrator.

If you need to edit this information,Infor CRM recommends clearing the Active option, cloning this record, editing the clone, and then selecting Active on the new record.
Box Description

The display name of the back office.

Type a unique and descriptive name for the back office.

Logical ID

The Logical ID is generated when configuring connection information for Infor CRM in ION Desktop.

Type the Logical ID for your ERP.


The account that will be associated with contacts synchronized from the back office without associated account information. Generally you should use the default account defined by the BOD Pack. Cloned back offices default to the account defined by the original back office.

Click the FindClosed button and use the lookup to find , other than the BOD Pack default account, to be associated with the back office.

If the associated account does not exist in Infor CRM, then a default account will be assigned.

Default Account Manager Click the FindClosed button to find the user or team within your organization to manage the account relationship of new accounts created in Infor CRM.
Integration A link to the Integration Detail view.
Version The version number of the back office integration.
Default Record Owner

The owner who will be assigned to all processed BODs that do not have an assigned owner.

Click the FindClosed button to find the user or team within your organization who will own all records created by the BODs.

Sales Person Role

Ownership of a processed BOD will be assigned to the Infor CRM user that matches the user in the integrated application with that role.

If a role is not selected, or a BOD does not have a sales person with that role assigned, the Default Record Owner will be assigned.

Click the drop-down arrow and select a role from the list. The available options depend on the roles defined in the integrated application.

Country Code Format

Designates if the integrated application is publishing 2 or 3 character ISO Country Codes or not.

To edit, click the drop-down arrow and select from the list:

  • Alternate - Optional alternate country code defined by the Country CodeMapping.AlternateCode property.
  • ISO - Standard 2-character country code.
Active Use this option to turn on or turn off synchronization for this back office.

To save any changes, click SaveClosed.

detail view tab

Each tab shows specific information you can use for back office related activities. Click a link to see more information about each tab.

BOD Mappings Accounting Entities
Price Services

user defined section

You can drag and drop tabs into the user defined middle section. The tab will remain there until it is moved back to the lower section.

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