Working with the Activities View

Use the Activities view to manage your scheduled activities, events, literature requests, and confirmations. If you have additional access rights, you can also view other Infor CRM users' activities. Use the Summary view or Details pane to see additional information for each activity. You can use filters to narrow the list of records in the list. For example, if the time frame is next month, use the Time Frame filter to show only activities scheduled for next month.

Your security access determines what functions are available. Contact your administrator for any access rights changes. WebViewer users may not access full functionality.

The tabs that appear in the Activities view are:

My Activities All Open Past Due
Alarms Events Confirmations

The following icons provide information about the activity:

Icon Description
Phone Call
Personal Activity
The activity is unconfirmed. (Not available on all tabs)
The activity has an attachment
The activity is a single occurrence of a recurring activity
The activity has an alarm

How Do I?

Work with records in a grid

Use the activity shortcut menu

Use the Task Pane Filters to narrow the list

The available filters are based on the columns in the selected list view and the information contained in those columns. The number of records listed after a filter criteria only counts a recurring activity once, it does not include each occurrence separately.



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