Using Task Pane Filters

Use the Task Pane Filters to narrow the list of records that display in a list view group. The available filters are based on the columns in the selected list view and the information contained in those columns. Filters are saved on your computer until your browser cache is cleared.

Next to each filter item is the number of records that meet the criteria of any applied filters and the total number of records in the group that match the filter item. ExampleClosed If (12/27) displays next to an item, then there are a total of 27 records within the group that match the filter item, but only 12 of those records also meet the criteria of any applied filters.

If the corresponding column for a selected filter is removed from the list view group, the filter will not be applied to the list of records.

Each filter consists of the criteria you select. When you apply a filter, only the records that meet all of the criteria display. For example:

Account Filter Items

City Filter Items

Records Returned




Fort Worth

All records starting with A or M and located in Fort Worth or Dallas

How Do I?

Add or remove filters

Add or remove filter items

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