Using the Summary View

Use the Summary view to see commonly used information for each record type. The information and available features depend on the record type.

How Do I?

The Summary view displays information in three columns.

Column Description/Action

Displays primary record information. Depending on the record type you may be able to:

  • Click the record name to open the detail view.
  • Click an e-mail address to send an e-mail.
  • Click a Web address to open a Web site in a new browser window.
  • If you are looking at activities, click Complete to complete the activity.
Middle Displays additional information about the record that may include links to related records or read-only information.

Displays related record types. Depending on the record type you may be able to:

  • Click hyperlinks to open the detail view with the appropriate tab selected.
  • Click numerical values to view a list of the related records. For example, contacts or tickets. The list that appears may have hyperlinks to open the detail view for the related record.

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