Copying a Template

You can copy private and public templates; however, when you copy a public template, it will be saved as a private template.

If you release a private template to another user, you should copy the template first, then release the copied template to the other user. That way, the private template will remain in your list.

To copy a Template

  1. On the Write menu, select Templates.
  2. In the Manage Templates dialog box, select a template from the list, and then click Copy.
  3. In the properties dialog box, set the properties for the template, and then click OK.
    The template opens in the editor.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • If no edits are needed, on the Infor CRM toolbar, click Save and Close.
    • If edits are needed, use the Infor CRM toolbar to add fields, preview the template, or perform other functions.

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