Setting or Updating the Properties for a Template

You can set or update the properties for a private or public template when creating, editing, or copying a template. If you are editing or copying a template, some property settings will default to the settings for the selected template; however, you can change these settings if desired.

To set or update the properties for a template

  1. In the Template Type area, select one of the template types. The default types are E-mail, FAX, and Letter, but your company may provide other types.
  2. In the Name box, type a name for the new template.

    The name may not include an apostrophe (‘), slash (\), or hyphen (-).

  3. In the Family box, select a family for the template. The default settings are Letter, FAX, and E-mail, but your company may provide other Family types,
  4. In the Main Table box, select either Contact or Lead. If creating a template for use with Contacts select Contact. If creating a template for use with Leads, select Lead.
  5. In the Owner box, select an Infor CRM user as the owner for the template.

    If releasing a private template to another user, you should copy the template first, then release the copied template to the other user. That way, the private template will remain in your list.

  6. Click OK.

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