Using the Template Editor

With the Template Editor, you can create a new template or edit an existing template. The editor contains an Infor CRM toolbarClosed which gives you access to the special template functions as well as many Microsoft WordClosed features. The features available depend on whether the type of template you are editing is a Letter, an E-mail or a Fax.

To help you recognize the toolbar buttons, Infor CRM includes a tooltip to identify each tool. To view a tooltip, move the cursor over the tool.

Since the editor has Microsoft Word embedded, Word toolbars are visible, too. Click the Show Word Menu button to view additional Microsoft Word toolbars that are not currently visible.

To open the template editor

  1. On the Write menu, select Templates.
  2. Do one of the following:

To insert SLX merge fields in a template

  1. Place the cursor in the template where you want the merge field located.
  2. Click Insert SLX Field.
    The menu opens with commonly used Infor CRM merge fields.
  3. Select a field name.
  4. Click More SLX Fields to access additional Infor CRM merge fields.
  5. To preview the merged template, on the toolbar, click Preview.
    This merges information from the current contact into the template.
    You can not edit or save a template from the Preview window. Close the preview window when viewing is complete.
  6. On the toolbar, click either Save or Save and Close.
    The template saves to the Infor CRM database. If Save and Close is selected, the editor is closed. The Mail Merge dialog box opens with the current template name in the Template box.

  • Infor CRM merge fields cannot be added to the Subject field of an E-mail.
  • The Infor CRM merge fields are composed of XML, which is case-sensitive. If the case is changed on a merge field, it will not merge.
  • You cannot place Infor CRM merge fields into a text box when creating or editing a template.
  • The template must contain a merge field from the Address table in order to display the Select Type of Address dialog box during a Mail Merge. See Selecting Type of Address for more information.

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