Using Advanced Match Options

Use advanced match options to define how potential matches are found.

To set advanced options

  1. Use the Duplicates Definition by Score boxes to determine the type of match. This option is only available from the Manage Duplicates step when importing leads.
  1. In the Duplicate box, enter the minimum percentage that will determine if a word is a duplicate.
  2. In the Possible Duplicate box, enter the minimum percentage that determines that a word is a possible duplicate.
  1. Select Use Stemming to include alternate forms of a word.
  2. Select Use Phonic search to include similar sounding words.
  3. Select Use Synonym search to include words with similar meanings.
  4. Select Fuzzy search to include similar or misspelled words. Then select from the Fuzziness Level list to determine how different the spelling can be for a word to be considered a match. Each number represents the number of letters that can be different.

To be a fuzzy match:

  • Each match must start with the first letter of the match criteria.
  • After the first letter, each match must have no more character differences than the fuzzy level will allow. For example, a fuzziness level of 3 will find any name with 3 or fewer character differences.
  1. Click OK.

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