Using Punch In and Punch Out

The Punch In and Punch Out function enables you to track the time spent assisting a customer for each ticket. When you click the Punch In button on a ticket's detail view, Infor CRM begins timing the activity. When you are finished, you can click Punch Out. Infor CRM stops timing the activity and adds an activity record to the Ticket Activities tab for the ticket.

If you are punched in and you try to close a ticket with an open ticket activity, the Infor CRM Web Client prompts you to close the open ticket activity or click Punch Out.

If another user is punched in to the ticket you want to work on, you cannot edit the ticket's information. You can add an activity to the ticket, copy the ticket, or add a calendar activity. Once the other user has punched out you can edit the ticket's information.

To punch in to and out of a ticket

  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Click the Punch In button.
    The button text changes to Punch Out, and Infor CRM begins recording time against the ticket activity.
  3. Click SaveClosed.
  4. When you are finished working on the ticket, click Punch Out to stop tracking time on the ticket.

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