Using Infor CRM Merge Fields

The Insert SLX Field menu contains the most commonly used Infor CRM merge fields. However, when creating or editing a template, if you need aInfor CRM field that is not in the menu, you can use select More SLX Fields to access all the Infor CRM merge fields. In addition, you can add a field to the menu, and customize the menu.

  • The Infor CRM merge fields are composed of XML, which is case-sensitive. If the case is changed on a merge field, it will not merge.
  • When creating or editing a template, you cannot place Infor CRM merge fields into a text box as this function is not supported by Microsoft Word.

The Insert Infor CRM Mail Merge Field dialog box has two panes:

  • The left pane contains the tabs with the Contact or Lead, Address, and UserInfo tables. Click the plus sign to expand the tree view of tables. Select Show All Joins to see all joined tables.
  • The right pane shows all fields for the selected table. You can right-click on a field to create a local join.
    Contact or LeadContains information about the recipient of the letter, including name and company. If Contact is selected as the Main Table in the properties of the template, fields from the Contact table will display. If Lead is selected as the Main Table, fields from the Lead table will display.
    AddressContains information about the recipient’s address. Use this tab when selecting the contact address fields or lead address fields.
    UserInfoContains fields, including address information, about the sender.

To access additional merge fields

  1. From the Insert SLX Field menu, click More SLX Fields.
  2. Select one of the tabs.
  3. In the left pane, select a table name.
  4. In the right pane, select a field, and then click Insert.
  5. Continue adding fields to the template, and then click Done.

To add fields to the Insert SLX Field menu

  1. From the Insert SLX Field menu, click Customize.
  2. Click Insert Field.
  3. Click the tab that contains the tables and fields you want to insert.
  4. In the right pane, select a field.
  5. If you need to change the format type for the field, in the Format Type list, select a format type.
  6. In the Format String box, type the format string.
  7. In the Display As box, the field will appear in the menu as shown, but you can type a display name for the field.
  8. Click Add to Menu.
  9. Continue adding fields to the menu, or click Done.

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