Customizing Insert SLX Field Menu

Infor CRM allows you to customize the fields on the Insert SLX Field menu. You can set the format type and string for the field, insert a separator, remove a field, or move a field up or down in the list.

To customize the Insert SLX Field menu

  1. Open the Template Editor.
  2. On the Template Editor toolbar, click Insert SLX Field, and then select Customize.
    The Customize Menu dialog box appears.
  3. Do one or more of the following to customize the menu:
    • To change the format for a field, select a field, and then click Format Field.
    • To add a field to the Insert SLX Field menu, click Insert Field.
    • To insert a separator in the menu, position the cursor in the menu, and then click Insert Separator.
    • To remove a field from the menu, select the field name, and then click Remove.
    • To change the location of the field in the menu, select the field name, and then click Move Up or Move Down.
    • To restore the default Infor CRM merge field menu items, click Restore Defaults. In the Confirm Restore Defaults message box, click Yes to remove all the customizations, or click No to keep customizations.



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