Configuring Infor CRM as your System of Record

Infor CRM Back Office Extension only. By default, the System of Record feature is disabled. To enable Infor CRM as your system of record, a user with Administrative privileges must complete the tasks listed in this topic.

To enable System of Record for Infor CRM

  1. Set the Tenant and the Infor CRM logical ID: On the Using the Integrations List View, click Back Office Extension, and click the Options tab.
    The is the Infor CRM logical ID for Process BODs published by Infor CRM. These fields use the same values as those used in the ION Connection point defined for Infor CRM. If you do not have these values, contact your ION Administrator.
  2. Set the system of record Back Office Logical ID: On the Using the Integrations List View, click Back Office Extension, and click the Back Office tab, in the grid, scroll down and select InforCRM SOR. In the Back Office Logical ID box, type the same Logical ID value used in step 1 above.
  3. While on the Back Office Extension Back Office tab with Infor CRM SOR selected, select the Active check box.
  4. If necessary, set or modify your user permissions. The following tasks may be hidden by removing the corresponding secured action from the user profile.
  • ToEnabling Refresh Pricing you must add them to the appropriate role.
  • To restrict access to any tasks, you must remove the Actions Tab from the Standard User role and any other appropriate roles.

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