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Use the Actions tab in the Role Detail view to manage the secured actions assigned to a role. A role determines what functionality a user can access in the Web Client. Adding secured actions to a role determines what functionality the role gives access to. Adding users to the role determines who gets the access.

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Elements are secured in the Application Architect by assigning an action to them, or applying security. Once a secured action is applied, users can only access that element if they are assigned a role that includes the secured action. For example, select Entities/Account/Save as the Applied Security property value for the Save button action on the Account main view. When that button loads at runtime, the display value changes depending on whether the current user has permission to perform the action.

See the "Understanding Secured Actions" topic in the Application Architect Help for more information.

Adding or removing a secured action from a role using this tab also adds or removes the secured action from the Roles tab in the Secured Action Detail view.

How Do I?

Add a secured action to a roleClosed

  1. Open the Role Detail view.
  2. Click the Actions tab.
  3. Click Add ActionClosed.
  4. Use the lookup to find and select any actions you want to add to the role.
  5. Click Add Selected.

Remove a secured action from a roleClosed

  1. Open the Role Detail view.
  2. Click the Actions tab.
  3. Select the record you want to remove and click the RemoveClosed button.

  4. Click Yes.

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