Enabling Refresh Pricing

If your company uses a pricing service to determine sales order or quote product pricing, then users can refresh the sales order or quote product price values to reflect the most current pricing. In order for users to be able to refresh sales orders and quotes product prices, the refresh pricing secured actions need to be added to a role, and each user that requires access must be assigned to that role.

To enable Refresh Pricing

  1. Open the Secured Actions List view.
  2. Select one or more of the following secured actions:
    • Entities/Quote/RePriceQuote - adds the Refresh Pricing task to the Quotes Tasks section of the Task Pane on the Quote detail view.
    • Entities/SalesOrder/RePriceOrder - adds the Refresh Pricing task to the Sales Orders Tasks section of the Task Pane on the Sales Order detail view.
    • Select one or more records by pressing the CTRL or Shift key as you click each item.
  3. In the Secured Action Tasks pane, click Add to Role.
  4. In the Select Role dialog box, click the click the FindClosed button, use the lookup to find and select the desired role, and click OK.
  5. If necessary assign users to the role you selected in step 4.



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