Sales Order Snapshot

You can view information about the selected sales order's value in the Sales Order Snapshot in the top section of the Sales Order Detail view. You can edit the information as needed.

You can use the Copy to E-mail hyperlink to send an e-mail with the sales order information already entered into the e-mail body. The information copied into the e-mail includes the Account, Opportunity, date created, date promised, sales order ID, type, status, and comments. Additionally, it includes Product and Billing and Shipping information, as well as value and summary information from the Sales Order Snapshot.

The information that appears in the Snapshot depends on the status of the sales order.

To copy sales order information into an e-mail

  1. In the Sales Order Snapshot box, click Copy to E-mail.

An e-mail opens with the sales order's information in the body of the e-mail, the billing and shipping contacts in the To: field and the contact who requested the sales order in the Cc: field. The Subject field contains the sales order ID and the shipping account.

Sales Order Snapshot

If Multi-Currency is configured, then the snapshot will display information for the base currency, sales order currency and your currency. Price information will reflect the most recent currency code and exchange rate.


Item Description Can User Edit?
Sub Total The total cost of all of the products associated with the sales order, minus any discounts. No
Discount Any discount that should be applied to the sales order. Click Discount to edit. Yes
Shipping The cost of shipping the order to the customer. Click Shipping to edit. Yes
Tax The tax rate that will be applied to the sales order. Click Tax to edit. Yes
Grand Total The total amount of the sales order including discounts, shipping cost and tax. No


(Multi-Currency only)

Displays the currency type if the sales order was created using a different currency type. To edit, click the currency type and find the new currency. Yes

Exchange Rate

(Multi-Currency only)

Displays the exchange rate if the sales order was created using a different currency type. No

Exchange Rate Date

(Multi-Currency only)

Displays the date that the currency was set. No

Additional information may be available if your implementation includes a Back Office Extension.

Depending upon your implementation you may be required to promote your changes to the back office application. If you are required to promote sales order changes, you will see one of the following messages:

  • There are pending changes since the last promotion on <date and time of the last promotion>, pricing information may be incorrect. Please submit changes using the Promote link in the Task Pane.
  • There are no pending changes since the last promotion on <date and time of the last promotion>.
    • No action is required.
  • An error occurred during the last sync cycle.
    • Please refer to the Sync History tab for more information.

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