Ship To Tab for Sales Orders and Quotes

The Ship To tab displays associated shipping information.

To view

  1. Open the Sales Order or Quote Detail view and click the Ship To tab. If the tab is not visible, click the More Tabs tab.
  2. View or edit the following information:
    • Ship To - The ship to record associated with the sales order or quote. Click the Ship To to open the associated Ship To detail view.
    • Address - The address type selected for shipping. Click the drop-down arrow and select from the list.
    • Attention - The salutation to use for mailed correspondence.
    • Ship To address or location. Click the EditClosed button, to open the Edit Address dialog box. To view a map of the address, click the MapClosed button. If Contour integration is enabled and configured it will open a map using the Contour provider. If a provider is not configured then the address will open in MapQuest.
      Depending upon your implementation you may not be able to edit address information.
    • Early Shipment Allowed - Select if the associated products can be shipped before the expected ship date.
    • Partial Ship Allowed - Select if the associated products can be shipped separately as products are ready to ship.
    • Drop Shipment Allowed - Select if the associated products can be shipped directly from the manufacturer or another provider.
    • Carrier - The carrier to use for delivering the sales order. Click the FindClosed button to find the appropriate carrier.
  3. If you made any edits click the SaveClosed button.
  4. Depending upon your implementation, you may need to promote the ship to.

    1. If the Sync Status is Changes Pending, then in the Task Pane, click Promote. Otherwise no action is required.



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