Most Recently Used Templates

You can use the most recently used templates list to select a recently used template without having to open the Select a Template dialog box. The number of recently used templates that appear in the list is set by you or your system administrator when configuring your Infor CRM options.

  • If the Write menu is unavailable, you must download Infor CRM Office Integration. You can install Infor CRM Office Integration from the Web Client login screen

  • The recently used template list does not automatically update when a template no longer exists. If you select a template from the list, and the template has been deleted, or you no longer have access to the template, a message informs you that the template will be removed from the menu. Contact your administrator if you require access to the unavailable template.

To select a template from the most recently used templates list

  1. From the Write menu, select to write an e-mail, letter, or fax using a template.

A list of recently used templates is displayed for your convenience.

  1. Click the template you want to use.

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