Copying a Group

You can select an existing group and copy it. You can maintain the existing conditions of the group or modify the conditions to suit your needs. You cannot copy ad hoc groups.

To copy an existing group

  1. On a List view, right-click a group tab.
  2. Click Copy.
    The Query Builder opens.
  3. Use the Query Builder tabs to modify the group.
    • Properties tab - Use to define the name and description of the group.
    • Conditions tab – Use to define the conditional statement(s) used to select data. This tab is not available for ad hoc groups.
    • Layout tab – Use to define which data appears in the List view.

      The default layout is determined by the group you selected as the Default Group in your Group options.

    • Sorting tab – Use to define how the data is sorted.
  4. When you finish making changes, click OK

This group is automatically marked as a Favorite. Favorites display as tabs in alphabetical order up to the limit allowed by your administrator. Use the Groups list to manage your Favorites.

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