Group Options

Use the Groups options tab to determine how your groups, list views and lookups will appear and behave. These options only apply when the current user is signed in to the Infor CRM Web Client.

To set group options

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
  2. Click the Group tab.
  3. Set your Group Options.
    1. Click the Main View drop-down arrow and select a view from the list.
    2. Click the Default Group drop-down arrow and select a default group from the list. For example, Latest Contacts.
      • The default layout for new groups is determined by the group selected as the default group.
      • If your default group does not display as a tab, you must mark it as a Favorite in the Groups list.
    3. Click the Default Lookup Layout drop-down arrow and select the name of the group with the layout you want to see for any lookups on that main view. For example, on the Contact views, all lookups will use the Latest Contacts group layout.
      The group you select will also determine what search items are available in the Lookup. The Lookup by options depend on the columns included in the layout of the lookup. You should choose a group that includes all of the columns you may want to search by in a lookup.
    4. Repeat steps a-c for each main view.
  4. Under General Lookup Options, click the Default Lookup Condition drop-down arrow and select the lookup condition you would like to use for all list view lookups. Options include: Starting With, Contains, Equal to, and Not Equal to.
  5. .Click SaveClosed.
    You must click Save on each tab or your option selections will not be saved.

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