Roles Tab

Use the Roles tab on the User Detail view to assign or remove a user from a role. When a user is assigned to a role, the user has access to the actions defined in that role. If a user is assigned to more than one role, he/she will have access to all secured actions within the roles even if each role does not contain the same actions.

How Do I?

Open the Roles tabClosed

  1. Open the User Detail view.
  2. Click the Roles tab.

Assign a user to a roleClosed

  1. Click Add RoleClosed.
  2. Use the lookup to find and select any roles to which you want to add the user.
  3. Click Add Selected.
    You cannot add the same role more than once.

Remove a user from a roleClosed

  1. Select the record you want to remove and click the RemoveClosed button.
  2. Click Yes.

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