Service/Support Tab

Use the Service/Support tab on the User Detail view to set options related to customer service features, support features, and SpeedSearch. Consider the following when setting user access:

  • When you add a new user, "Available for calls" is the only option selected by default.
  • Changes take effect when the application loads. When a user refreshes or logs on, the system applies the changes.
  • When you view the Service/Support tab in a Remote user's profile, the Remote user's Ticket ID Prefix is also displayed (read-only)

More Information about Ticket IDsClosed

To support synchronization between remote databases and the main office (Host) database, the Infor CRM system must ensure that unique Ticket IDs are created when users add tickets at the main office, Remote Offices, or from Remote users' computers. The system assigns a Ticket Prefix to each database. The prefix consists of two parts:

  • Site Identifier – The first three digits of the prefix identifies the site. The Host database's site identifier is 001. Remote Office databases are assigned site identifiers in the 100-199 series. Remote user databases are assigned site identifiers in the 200 and up series. (Note that the site identifiers are not necessarily assigned in sequence, however.)
  • Key Base – The last two digits of the prefix represent the revision number of the database. If you create a new database for a Remote Office or user, this number is incremented.

When a user creates a ticket, the system assigns the correct prefix followed by a six-digit, auto-generated suffix (for example, 001-01-000015).

To set options

  1. In the User Detail view, click the Service/Support tab.
  2. Select one or more of the following options:
  • Available for calls - allows other users to assign tickets to this user.

Tickets assigned to an unavailable user will default to unassigned.

  • Notify user of new Ticket - sends an e-mail message when a ticket is assigned to the user.

The system sends an e-mail message if a new ticket is assigned, or an existing ticket is reassigned to this user.

  • User may grant access to Customer Portal - allows the user to give customers access to tickets through Infor CRM Customer Portal.
  • User has "Submit to SpeedSearch" as default - sets Submit to SpeedSearch as the default option when the user creates a new ticket.
  • User may approve SpeedSearch submissions - allows the user to determine which tickets and defects are available through SpeedSearch.

This option is only available if the SpeedSearch approval process is enabled for the office. This option is enabled in the Administrator.

  • Notify user of new Defect - sends an e-mail message when a defect is assigned to the user.

An e-mail message is sent if a new defect is assigned, or an existing defect is reassigned to this user.

  1. Click SaveClosed.

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