User Information Boxes

The following table describes the default information boxes.

Box Description/Action
Login Enabled

Determines if the user can log on to Infor CRM. Clear this option if the user becomes inactive and should not have access to Infor CRM.

User Name

The name the user will use to log on to Infor CRM.

The username is required and should not contain spaces or an apostrophe.


The user's name. Click the EditClosed button to open the Edit Name dialog box.


The user's title.


The user's e-mail address.

User Type

The Infor CRM user type. To change the user type, select a new type in the list. If you change to a WebViewer user, you must reset IIS.

Federated Identity

For WS-Fed and SAML authentication only.

Type the ID in the external application

Use this field to link an Infor CRM user to a user ID in an external application using WS-Fed or SAML authentication, for example Ming.le.

Change Password

Changes the user's password.

Password updated

Displays the date and time the password was last changed.

Template Used

The last user template applied to this user.


The user's location.


The user's division.


The user's manager. Only managers that can appropriately be this user's manager display in the list. Managers are automatically added to the list unless they are inactive.

User is a Manager

Determines if the user is a manager and their name should appear in the Manager list. This option is not available for the admin user.




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