Sales Process Snapshot

This functionality is only available when the appropriate license is installed. For complete information about licensing, see the Infor CRM Planning Guide.

The Sales Process Snapshot provides an overview of the status of the process to date. You can view statistics in the Sales Process Snapshot box, located in the upper-right corner of the Sales Processes tab.

Item Description Can User Edit?
Current Stage Displays the name of the current stage. No
Days in Stage Displays the number of days the sales process has been in the current stage. No
Probability Indicates the likelihood (as a percentage) of winning the opportunity when the current stage is completed. No
Est Days Estimates the number of days, based on the uncompleted stages in the sales process, until the opportunity is expected to close. No
Est. Close The calculated close date. This is calculated by adding the number of days to close (specified when the stage was created in Architect) to the date the stage started. Weekends and holidays are not subtracted from the date. No

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