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This functionality is only available when the appropriate license is installed. For complete information about licensing, see the Saleslogix Planning Guide.

You can use the Sales Processes tab to attach a sales process to an opportunity, change the sales process currently attached to an opportunity, or work on the steps in a sales process.

You can schedule steps, complete steps, or skip steps within the sales process. Ordinarily, you will want to work on steps in order. However, you have the flexibility to jump between stages to work on steps.

You close a step by selecting the check box in the column next to the step name. Once you complete all steps within a stage, the Probability percentage (shown in the Snapshot box) updates.

  • In order for the probability percentage to update automatically, the stages must be completed in order. In addition, some sales processes include required steps that prevent you from completing the steps out of order.
  • The probability percentage will not update if the stage has any open steps, or if the previous stage is still open.
  • If a stage is missed, you can manually complete the stage, then the probability will update correctly.
  • If you reopen a step, by clearing the check box, the probability percentage does not decrease.

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