Report Scheduling Wizard

The Report Scheduling Wizard allows you to modify report parameters to adjust the content of the selected report to meet your needs.

To modify parameters

  1. In the Select Records dialog box, in the Show records that match box, pick one of the following:
  • All: includes all records for the report type selected.
  • Specific Conditions: Allows you to add filter parameters to the report.
  • Current User: includes all records for the logged in user.
  1. If available, in the Match pick list, decide if you want to filter by all of the parameters you pick or by any of the parameters.
  • All returns only those records that exactly match all parameters
  • Any returns all records that match any of your filter parameters.
  1. If available, in the grid heading, click the Plus icon to add filter parameters using the Add/Edit Conditions dialog box, and then click OK.
  2. Click Next.
  3. If available, in the Enter Values dialog box, select from the available options to make the job report fit your needs.
  4. In the Export Options/Export and Scheduling Options dialog do the following:
    1. In the Description box, select the default text or type in your own.
      This text will appear on the Reports Schedules tab in the Description column.
    2. Select the file format for your report. Options vary depending on the type of job you are running but may include PDF, Word, Excel, CSV,and XML.
    3. (Admin only) Use the Run As box to run another user's reports. Use the lookup to select the user.
    4. If you selected Schedule in step 1, you can create a job schedule for running your report. Select from the available scheduling options.
    5. Click Finish.

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