Opportunity Information Boxes

The following table describes the default information boxes.

Box Description/Action
Opportunity The name given to the opportunity when it was added. For example, an opportunity name could be: XYZ Company Headquarters-Phase 1.
Account The account targeted for the opportunity. Click the hyperlink to go to the Account Detail view.

Acct. Mgr.

The individual in your company who is responsible for the account. Click the FindClosed button to find the person or team within your organization that manages the account.
Reseller The reseller that is associated to the opportunity. Click the FindClosed button to select a reseller.
Est. Close The date the opportunity is estimated to close. Click the CalendarClosed button to select the date.  
Close Probability The likelihood that a sale will close. Click the drop-down arrow and select an item from the list.
Status Status of an opportunity. Your company defines the opportunity status list. Click the drop-down arrow and select an item from the list.
Add to Forecast Indicates whether this opportunity will be included in forecast reports.
Accounting System The name of the connection to the integrated accounting application. Click the FindClosed button to select an accounting system. (Accounting Integration Only)
Price List The price list associated to the sales order. Only price lists associated with the selected accounting system display. The price list lookup is unavailable until the Accounting System is selected. (Accounting Integration Only)
Comments Additional information about the opportunity.

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