Promoting Custom Roles to Infor Ming.le

The system administrator and users with the appropriate role can access these features.The system administrator and users with an administrator role can access these features.

If you are integrated with Infor Ming.le, Infor CRM custom roles that are added or updated are promoted to the Infor Ming.le back office through the SecurityRoleMaster BOD.

Infor CRM standard roles do not need to be promoted as they are already available in Infor Ming.le.

"Promoting" a custom role creates a corresponding record in Infor Ming.le and creates a link between the records in Infor CRM and Infor Ming.le.

By default, the SecurityRoleMaster BOD Outbound on Update and Outbound on Create options are set to "Automatic" which means that custom roles will be automatically promoted when added or updated. However, you must manually promote a role under the following conditions:

  • You want to promote existing Infor CRM custom roles to Infor Ming.le.
  • Your implementation requires that added or updated custom roles must be manually updated, e.g the Outbound On Create or Outbound On Update options for the SecurityRoleMaster BOD are set to "User Triggered".
    • To determine if a custom role must be manually promoted, on the detail view, click the ERP Details tab and view the Sync Status. If the Sync Status is Changes Pending, then you need to promote your changes to Infor Ming.le.

To promote

  1. On the Navigation Bar, click Administration, and then click Roles.
  2. Select one or more records. To select more than one record, hold down [Ctrl] or [Shift], and highlight the records.
  3. In the Task Pane, click Promote.
  4. Click OK.

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