Office Profile Security Tab

Use the Office Profile detail view, Security tab to define or view password options.

The system administrator and users with the appropriate role can access these features.

Infor CRM passwords are case-sensitive and may have up to 30 characters.

To set password security options

  1. On the Navigation Bar, click Administration, and then click Office Profiles to open the Office Profiles List view. If necessary, use the Lookup to locate an office profile, and then click the company's name to open the Office Profile detail view.

  2. Click the Security tab.
  3. To use Windows Authentication, ensure Use Windows Authentication (Infor CRM Password not required to log on) is selected. Otherwise, clear this check box.
  4. Type a password in the Default Password box to change the default password for new users. The Infor CRM default user password is SLXMa$t3r.
    The default password cannot be blank.
  5. Type a number in the Minimum Password Length box to force the user's password to contain a minimum number of characters.

    If blank passwords are permitted, ensure the minimum length of password is 0.

  6. Type a number in the Days Until Password Expires box to set a password expiration date. This option does not apply if you select the Force user to change default password check box.
    Some Infor CRM Web components require Infor CRM user names to function. If the passwords expire for these user names, the Web components will not work.

    This option only applies to signing in to the Web Client. The Administrator has a separate option for the Windows Client.

  7. Select Password must contain numbers and letters to require that the user password contains at least one number and at least one letter. This check box is only available if Do not allow blank passwords is selected.
  8. Select Force user to change default password to require that users change the default password when they log on.
  9. Select Do not allow blank passwords to require all users to have a password. When this option is selected, the No Password button is unavailable in the Change Password dialog box in the client programs and Administrator.

    If blank passwords are permitted, ensure the minimum length of password is 0.

  10. Select Do not allow username as password to prohibit a user from using their Infor CRM user name as a password.
  11. Set the Login Attempt Threshold. This limits the number of times a user can attempt and fail to log in to the Infor CRM Web Client before the user is locked out. This option does not apply to the Sales Client.
    1. Select the number of failed attempts to allow.
    2. Enter the number of minutes that must pass before the lock is reset automatically.
      Setting the Login Attempt Threshold to 0 means that the lock will never reset automatically.

      To reset locked out users before the lock out time passes, see Resetting Locked Out Users.

  12. Click SaveClosed.



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