Attaching a Document to each Contact or Lead Critical Message

For Infor CRM Web users, this critical message is applicable if you are merging to a large number of contacts.

If you click "Yes", each contact will have a document attached, and if the number of contacts is large, then the merging process will be unusually slow. The reason is that each document must be transferred via HTTP to the Web server; it is then copied to the attachment path and logged to the logging path. This process can take a long time and can slow down the Web server. If you are merging to a large number of contacts, it is recommended that you have a high-speed connection. Ideally, it is also recommended that you do not merge to more than 100 contacts if the attachment path and logging path are also on the Web server (optimal conditions).

If you click "No" the option remains unselected and no documents are attached.

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