Merging Duplicate Records

When converting a lead or resolving a duplicate import record you can merge the two duplicate records.

Infor CRM can only search for duplicate records that you have permission to view. A duplicate record that you are not able to access may still exist.

To merge records

  1. When converting a lead or resolving a duplicate import record, click Merge.
  2. At the top of the grid, select which record should be the primary record.
  • Source - The record that is being converted or resolved.
  • Target - The Infor CRM record found when searching for duplicate records.
  1. If necessary, select the other record option for any properties that should not use the primary record selected in step 2.

For example, if you selected the target record as the primary record, but want to use the source record information for the Company property, select the Source option next to Company.

  1. Review the Property column to ensure that the correct information will be used when the records are merged.

The merged record will use the field information from the selected record and discard the information from the other record.

  1. Click Merge.

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