Sales Order ERP Details Tab (Back Office Extension)

Infor CRM Back Office Extension only. The ERP Details tab in the Sales Order Detail view displays information from the integrated back office application. For specific questions please refer to the documentation for the integrated application or contact your administrator.

To view

  1. Open the Sales Order Detail view.
  2. Click the ERP Details tab.
  3. View or edit the following:
    • Back Office - The associated integrated back office application.
    • Sync Status - Status of synchronization to the integrated application.
    • Variation ID - A sequence number defined by the integrated application to ensure outdated content never overwrites updated content in the subscriber application.
    • Notes - Displays notes from the associated ERP system. These notes cannot be edited.
    • Accounting Entity - Company or accounting entity as defined by the integrated application.
    • Order Location - The site or office that generated the order. Click the FindClosed button to find the appropriate location. This information may not be available.
    • External ID - A unique identifier assigned by the integrated application.
    • ERP Status - The status within the integrated back office system.
    • Document Date - A date stamp from the integrated application to identify when the information was last published.
    • Last Modified - The date on which the sales order was last modified in the integrated application.

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