Potential Matching Records

When adding a contact or account, you can compare the contact or account you are adding to contacts or accounts that exist in the database. If a record exists in the database with the same information, you can avoid having duplicate records. If you choose to use a matching account, the account information will be added to the account boxes in the Contact/Account Information dialog box. If the contact or account information does not match, you can continue adding your contact or account.

Matches on phone numbers do not require an exact match. The area core or country code and next 3-digits must be an exact match, but the remaining numbers do not have to match exactly in order to be returned as a potential matching record.

To search for matching records

  1. Do one of the following:
  2. Next to Type, select which types of records to search.
  3. Under Match Filters, select the filter check boxes that you want to apply.
  4. Select one of the following Options:
    • Match all selected filters - A record is a duplicate, only if it matches all of the selected filters.
    • Match any of the selected filters - A record is a duplicate, if it matches any of the selected filters.
  5. To perform an Advanced Search click Advanced Options.
  6. Click Update Potential Matches.
  7. Do one of the following:
    • In the Matched Contact/Lead Records grid, click Open next to a potentially matching record to view additional record information.
    • In the Matched Account Records grid, click Use Account to add the contact to an existing account.
    • Click Cancel to return to Contact/Account Information and continue inserting the contact and account.

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