Activities Tab

The Activities tab appears in the Account, Contact, Ticket, Lead, and Opportunity Detail views. Use the Activities tab to manage activities and events related to the current record. Information displayed on the Activities tab includes the activity type, date and time, duration, user, category and regarding.

Your calendar security determines whose activities you can schedule, edit, complete, accept/decline, or delete. You can also view activities associated with contacts, leads, accounts, opportunities, or tickets that you can access.

How Do I?

Filter my listClosed

  1. Click the Filter Closed button.
  2. Do one or more of the following:
    • Click the Type drop-down arrow and select from the list.
    • Use the Date Range boxes to select a date range during which the attachment was last updated.
    • Click the User drop-down arrow and select from the list.
    • In the Regarding box type one or more characters contained in the regarding information. The more characters you type will return a shorter list.
  3. Click Apply to filter the list or Reset to clear your filter options.
    Click the Filter button again to hide the filters.

Schedule a phone callClosed

Schedule a meeting Closed

Schedule a to-doClosed

For a timed activity related to a ticket, use the Ticket Activity tab.

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