Account Service Information

The Account Service Information dialog box provides account, ticket, contact, asset, and contract information to help you understand the relationship of the person requesting assistance to his or her account. You can also use this dialog box to determine the type of assistance you can provide according to the account's service contract.

To open the Account Service Information dialog box for a ticket

To use Account Service Information when adding a new ticket

  1. On the New menu, click Ticket.
  2. On the Insert New Ticket view, in the toolbar, click theAccount Service InfoClosed button. to open the Account Service Information view.
  3. In the Account Service Information view, in the Account box, if the account name does not appear, use the lookup to locate the correct account.

Once the account is selected, all service information appears in the view.

  1. In the Contact area, select the contact authorized to report the issue.

If the contact is authorized to request service, 'Yes' appears in the Authorized column.

  1. In the Contracts area, select the contract the ticket will be billed to.

If you are not sure which contract to select,

  • Ensure the Active column contains 'Yes'.
  • Select the contract in the list, any comments about the contract appear in the Comments area.

If no contract is shown, you must use the Infor CRM Client to add a contract for the account.

  1. Click OK to save your selections and close the Account Service Information view.
  2. Follow the remaining steps for adding a ticket. The contact and contract information you selected on the Account Service Information view appears in the Insert New Ticket view.

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