Viewing SpeedSearch Results

The Results tab displays a list of items matching your search criteria. As you select each item, it appears on the Preview tab. Clicking a link in the Results tab will either take you to the record's detail view, or will open the activity or history details dialog box.

If more than one page of search results appear, click the PreviousClosed or NextClosed buttons to view more results.

To perform a search and insert a resolution into the active ticket

  1. From the Ticket Detail view, on the Details tab, click the SpeedSearchClosed button.
  2. Perform a search.
  3. On the Result tab, select the item containing the resolution you want to use.
  4. If you want to insert part of the resolution only, select the text in the Preview area. Otherwise, the entire resolution will be copied into the active ticket.
  5. Click the Copy and Paste Selected Text into RecordClosed button.
    SpeedSearch closes and you are returned to the active ticket. The resolution has been pasted into the Resolution box.

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