Sales Orders Tab

This feature is not available if your implementation includes Accounting Integration. Accounting Integration users can view associated sales orders on the Accounting Sales Orders tab on the Account Detail view.

The Sales Orders tab appears in the Account and Opportunity Detail views. You can use the Sales Orders tab to track the sales orders for or opportunity. You can add, edit or delete associated sales orders from the Sales Orders tab.

This view contains the following columns:

  • Sales Order Number - Displays the Sales Order number.
  • Status - Displays the status of a sales order.
  • Account - Displays the account associated with the sales order. This only appears on the Opportunity Detail view.
  • Billing Contact - Displays the contact to be billed for the sales order.
  • Shipping Contact - Displays the contact that the sales order will be shipped to.
  • Ship Via - Displays the sales order delivery method.
  • Customer PO - Displays the Customer PO number for the sales order.

To add a sales order

  1. Click the Insert Sales OrderClosed button. .
    Opportunity Detail view only. The opportunity's products and other information are automatically copied to the new sales order.
  2. Follow the steps for adding a sales order

To go to a sales order

  • Click the Sales Order Number of the sales order you want to view.

To delete a sales order from the Account Detail view)

  1. Click Delete next to the record you want to delete.
  2. Click OK.
    The sales order is permanently deleted.

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