Assigning a Query Layout

Use the Assign Query Layout dialog box to specify the appearance of each column of data (or field) in the query.

To set the layout options

  1. Open Query Builder and click the Layout tab.
  2. Add or edit a Layout field.
  3. In the Caption box, type the name to display for the column heading.
  4. In the Width box, select the size of the column width. The default value is 100.

Any group width changes you make will only stay active for the current logon session.

  1. In the Capt. Align box, select the alignment of the column heading.
  2. In the Text Align box, select the alignment of the data.
  3. In the Format Type box, select the appropriate format for the type of data displayed in this field.

    The Phone format type formats the value of a field into a standard U.S. 10-digit phone number. If your company does not use the standard U.S. 10-digit format, you should consider setting the format type for a phone number field to None to prevent any phone number mask from being applied.

  4. If necessary, type a format string in the Format box to modify the default Format Type you selected.
  5. To link the information in the column to an entity portal view, select Entity Linked.
  6. To apply formatting from a cascading style sheet (CSS), enter the class you want to apply in the Css Class box.

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