About E-mail Attachments

You can attach a file when sending an e-mail message to a contact or lead. If the correct options are selected, the file is stored on the Attachments tab for the Contact and Account or Lead, as well as in the default Documents folder. For Infor CRM Web users, the file is stored in the Documents folder of the Web Server. On the Attachments tab, the file name is the exact name of the file or document. In the Documents folder, the file name includes an internal reference code assigned by Infor CRM and the document name.

You can attach Windows files or Infor CRM Library files to a template. When you e-mail the template during a mail merge, the attached files are sent to the contact(s) or lead(s). If you copy a template, any attachments are also copied to the new template. You can remove an attachment from a template.

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