Adding an Import Group Action Note

Use this view to add a note to each imported lead. The full text of the note, date and time appear in the Notes tabs for the Detail views.

To add

  1. When importing leads, create a group action and click Define next to Add Note.
  2. If necessary, modify the Date. To modify the date, click theCalendarClosed button to select the date.  
  3. If the note does not need to occur at a specific time, select the Timeless check box.
  4. To enter a time, in the Duration boxes, enter a number and select Minute(s), Hour(s), or Day(s) from the drop-down list to determine the length of time of the activity.
  5. In the Regarding and Category boxes, click the CalendarClosed button to select the date.  
  6. In the Notes box, type the appropriate information.
  7. Click Save.

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