Adding or Cloning a Price Service

Infor CRM Back Office Extension only. Price Services provide Infor CRM users with product pricing and availability information when generating a new quote or sales order in Infor CRM. The Back Office Price Services provide the definitions of integrated back office application pricing services for the Infor CRM integration.

The system administrator and users with the appropriate role can access these features.

To add a price service

  1.  Do one of the following:
  2. Complete the remaining information boxes:
  3. Box Description

    The display name of the price service.

    Type a unique and descriptive name for the price service.

    End Point Type the URL for the back office integrated application web service.
    Action Name The web service functionality being used by the price service.

    Back Office

    The back office associated with the price service.

    Click the link to open the Back Office detail view.

    (Not available from the Add Pricing Service dialog box)

    Custom Identifies whether or not a price service is custom and can therefore be modified.

    Use this option to enable or disable the price service.

    Description A brief description of the price service.
    Service Type Select from the list of supported price and availability web service protocols based on the host system guide instructions.
    Method The type of Web service protocol used by the price service.
    Authentication Type The type of authentication being used for the price service.
    User Name Type the user name for the back office integrated application.
    Password Type the password for the user name associated with the back office integrated application.
  4. Click SaveClosed.



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