Accounting Tab

The Accounting tab in the Account Detail view displays link information for back office accounting system currently integrated with Infor CRM. This view contains the following columns:

  • Accounting System - The accounting system theaccount is linked to.
  • Status - The status of the link.
  • Shared With - The name of the accounting system that shares the trading account information.
  • Promoted By - The user who created the link.
  • Promoted Date - The date the account was promoted.

How Do I?

Open the Accounting tabClosed

  1. Open the Account Detail view.
  2. Click the Accounting tab. If the tab is not visible, click the More Tabs tab.

Understand Link StatusClosed

The Status column displays the status of the link between the Infor CRM account and the accounting system.

  • Linked - The account is linked to a trading account in the accounting system.
  • Shared - The accounting system is sharing the trading account information with a different linked accounting system. If an accounting system's status is Shared, the system is not available to link. You can only link the parent account for shared systems. For example, the accounting system may be a subsidiary of another linked accounting system and both share the same trading account. The shared account information displays in the Shared With column.



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