Matching Records Between Infor CRM and Microsoft Outlook

To avoid duplicate records and find matching records in either application, Infor CRM searches for matching records based on the following key fields:

Address Book/Contacts Accounts


(must match on all)


(must match on all)

e-mail address (EMAIL1, or EMAIL2, or EMAIL3)


Subject/Regarding Subject/Regarding


Start Date/Time Start Date/Time

Key fields are case-sensitive. For example, if you have a record for Lee Hogan in Infor CRM and one for lee hogan in Microsoft Outlook, the records are not equal. Both records are added to each application during synchronization.

Contact Matching

Contacts are matched during the initial sync using an e-mail address. If a match cannot be found, then a new record is created. To avoid creating duplicate records Infor CRM recommends making sure contact records to be synchronized have a unique e-mail address in both applications.

If an exact e-mail address match cannot be found, the following happens:

  • In Infor CRM if the e-mail address cannot be found, then a new contact is created.
  • In Infor CRM if multiple records in Infor CRM have the same e-mail address, then:
    1. Infor CRM tries to match using the contact's last name and first name.
    2. If a match still cannot be found, then a new contact is created in Infor CRM.
  • In Microsoft Outlook if multiple records have the same e-mail address, then the contact is linked to the first contact found with a matching e-mail address.



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