Obtaining the Bing Maps Key for Contour

Before you can configure the Bing Map Geocode provider, you must obtain the Bing Maps key.

Infor CRM recommends the Enterprise license for production environments which must be purchased through Microsoft. Basic keys are limited by Bing to 125,000 total transactions per year, and therefore are only recommended for evaluation and testing environments

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For additional help, please refer to Microsoft documentation for Bing Maps and Bing Maps Key.

To obtain the Bing Maps key

  1. Open a web browser and browse to https://www.microsoft.com/maps/create-a-bing-maps-key.aspx
  2. Sign in to your Bing Maps account with your Microsoft credentials, or if necessary, create a new account.
  3. Follow the instructions for buying an Enterprise license.
    For specific steps please refer to the Microsoft documentation regarding Bing Maps.
  4. Once you have a key, copy the key, return to the Infor CRM Web Client Contour Integration Detail view, click the Provider tab, select Enabled next to Bing, and then paste the key in the API Key column.

    Only one provider can be enabled at a time. You must first clear the Enabled option from the previous provider before you can enable another provider.

  5. Click SaveClosed.



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