Running the SLXConversion Utility

Before setting up your integration endpoints, you must run the SLXConversion utility to update Account Phone Number and E-mail records. This utility supports integration by adding columns to the Infor CRM database to enable a 1:many relationship for phone numbers and email addresses in Accounts and Contacts.

This creates a record in the ERPPHONENUMBER or ERPEMAILADDRESS table for each phone number and email column in either of the ACCOUNT or CONTACT tables. Those records are mapped back to the original entity column where they originated.

Windows Authentication must be configured for the administrative user before running the SLXConversion utility. For detailed steps, see the "Using Windows Authentication" topic in the Administrator Help.

To run

  1. On your Administrative Workstation, browse to the SLXConversionUtility.exe and SLXConversionUtility.config files.
    By default the configuration files are in ...\Program Files\Saleslogix\ or ...\Program Files (x86)\Saleslogix
  2. Open SLXConversionUtility.config in a text editor of your choice.
  3. Scroll to the <connectionStrings> section, change the Initial Catalog value from SALESLOGIX_EVAL to your database alias, and save the change.
    For example:
    <connectionStrings> <clear/> <add name="Default" connectionString="Provider=SLXOLEDB.1;Persist Security Info=True;Initial Catalog=MyDatabaseAlias;Data Source=localhost;Extended Properties=&quot;PORT=1706;LOG=ON;CASEINSENSITIVEFIND=ON;AUTOINCBATCHSIZE=1;SVRCERT=12345;ACTIVITYSECURITY=OFF;TIMEZONE=NONE&quot;"/> </connectionStrings>
  4. Double-click SLXConversionUtility.exe to run the utility.
  5. Select all check boxes.
  6. Click Update.
  7. Click Close.



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