Adding a Data Field to a Form (Adding a Control)

You can add existing data fields to a form using the Add Field pane of the Web Form Designer. It displays a tree of data fields that can be added to the current form. Expand items in the tree that have a plus sign to use their component fields such as Address.City.

If the field you want to add to your form does not exist in the database yet, it must be added. Refer to "Adding a Field to a Table" in the Administrator help or "Modifying an Entity" and "Inserting a New Entity Property" in the Application Architect help for more information.

To add

  1. Optionally, click SaveClosed first in case you need to undo the next steps.
  2. Click an item in the Add Field pane and drag it.
  3. Drop it on any location that is highlighted when the cursor hovers over it.

    A control is created and bound to the data field in the database. The type of control is set for you based on the type of the data. For example, dropping a phone number onto the form creates a phone control.

  4. Optionally, edit property values of the new control.
  5. If you are sure you want to keep the field you added, click SaveClosed. Otherwise, press F5 to revert to the last saved version of the form.

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