Editing an Entity

Use the Edit Entity dialog box to view or edit information for a selected entity.

To edit an entity

  1. On the Navigation Bar, click Administration, click Entities to open the Entity Manager, and then click the entity Name.
  2. Edit any of the following:
    1. In the Display Name box, type the entity name you want to be displayed in the Infor CRM Web Client.
    2. In the Display Plural Name box, type the plural form of the display name.
    3. Click the Title drop-down arrow and select from the list the string value that will be used to represent the entity.
      For example the string value that appears as the entity's detail view title, like "Contact".
    4. Use the Is Extension check box to indicate if the entity has a one-to-one (1:1) relationship with another entity.
      • If the entity has a one-to-one relationship with another entity, select the Is Extension check box, click the drop-down arrow and select the related entity from the list.
      • If the entity does not have a one-to-one relations ship with another entity, clear the Is Extension check box.
  3. Select or clear any of the following Advanced Options:
    1. Import - Indicates whether or not the entity can be imported.
    2. Match - Indicates whether or not the entity contains match criteria for an import.
    3. Bulk Update - Indicates whether or not the entity can be updated as part of a bulk action.
    4. Audited - Indicates whether or not changes are being tracked for the field.

  4. Click OK.

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