Sales Intelligence Recommendations Tab

The Recommendations tab displays on the Contact and Account detail views. This tab provides the product recommendations for the customer in order of purchase likelihood and includes up to 3 rationales that indicate the reason the customer would purchase the product within the next 30 days.

The Recommendations tab displays the following response information:

  • Rank - The order in which recommended products are likely to be purchased by a customer within the next 30 days.
    For example, a product with a rank of 1 is more likely to be purchased than a product with a rank of 3.
  • SI Product - The recommended product that is likely to be purchased by the customer.
  • SI Category - The type of product family for the associated recommendation.
  • Rationale - The reason that a recommended product is likely to be purchased by the contact or account within the next 30 days. A recommendation may have up to 3 rationales.

To open the Recommendations tab

  • From the Contact or Account Detail view, click Recommendations. If the tab is not visible, click the More Tabs tab.

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